Motorcycle Accidents in Florida: The “Where”

motorcyle damage

No accident is wanted, and while accidents may become a learning experience, they are certainly not an experience that you would want to happen. But sometimes they do happen, and sometimes, they involve a motorcycle. It may even happen to your motorcycle. The best thing to be is prepared. Know the Florida landscape, and arm […]

How is Negligence Proven in a Motorcycle Accident?

A dented car with a fallen motorcycle next to it.

An accident can happen to anyone. While riding on a motorcycle, the chance of an accident unfortunately increases. It is crucial to know both the laws of the road and what you, as a driver or motorcyclist, need to do to keep the road safe for everyone. But in the event of an accident, how […]

What Types of Motorcycle Modifications Cause the Most Accidents?

A heavily modified motorcycle.

Motorcycles are a tool that can be freeing and sometimes even enlightening. Riding one requires concentration and care. Every motorcycle is as unique as its owner, and personalization can become a fun aspect of owning a motorcycle. Stickers, paint jobs, and accessories can become a light-hearted project when maintaining your bike; but some modifications are […]

Motorcycle Accident Due To A Left Turn: The Hazards

Left turn traffic sign signifying left turn motorcycle accidents

There’s danger in driving a motorcycle, beyond the ones that most people are aware of. Not only is there less mass in the vehicle, but there’s less mass around the passenger—making motorcycle accidents pretty grisly. However, one of the biggest issues with motorcycles is that accidents, when they occur, can be particularly gritty and harsh. […]

3 Harsh Realities of Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident

There’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle and it’s easy to understand the appeal of riding one. From the fuel economy to being out on the open road to the sheer thrill of the ride, motorcycles have remained popular for a reason. But there are some undeniable downfalls too. And unfortunately, these downfalls lead to […]

The World’s Worst Motorcycle Accident Advice

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If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you may have a lot of questions about what to do next. And with all of the information available on the Internet these days, you may also wonder where to turn for good advice. That’s why it’s so important to call an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help […]