Free Consultation

motorcycles driving on the road representing a free consultationWe provide great services at a great cost. Not only do we work on contingency (meaning that we only get paid if you receive benefits), but we offer you a free consultation as well. That’s a value! We’ll evaluate your case, give you an idea of what we can do for you, and then we do it. If we don’t, you don’t need to pay us a dime—our promise and guarantee to you. There are enough things in this world that you’ll have to continue to pay for even if it doesn’t work correctly—not us. We’re practiced, experienced, and we’re ready to work for you, even if we don’t end up getting paid. This is about your health, not our wallets.

Your free consultation can be done at our office, or at your office or home, or even over the telephone! We don’t want you to be left behind because we’re not able to get up and help, or if you’re stuck at home because of the accident. We’re here to assist in any way that we can, and that includes coming to you for your free consultation. We’ll see the damage that you took, that your property took, and we’ll give you an analysis right there, on the spot. That’s our promise! If you were injured on a chopper, a cruiser, or just in an accident doing what you’re supposed to be doing, we’ll be here for you.

Get Your Free Consultation

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, now would be the time to give us a ring. We’ll be there for you if you’ll give us a shot. We’re experienced and well-versed in these types of suits and we’re more than willing to make sure that you get compensation for the injuries that you’ve sustained. You have every reason to be ready to go—we’re sure that you’d like to be up and moving again. We’ll get you money to pay your doctors, the medical bills, and everything else in between. It all starts with having a chat with us to evaluate your claim—on the house. Get your free consultation today!