Motorcycle Accident Due To A Left Turn: The Hazards

Left turn traffic sign signifying left turn motorcycle accidentsThere’s danger in driving a motorcycle, beyond the ones that most people are aware of. Not only is there less mass in the vehicle, but there’s less mass around the passenger—making motorcycle accidents pretty grisly. However, one of the biggest issues with motorcycles is that accidents, when they occur, can be particularly gritty and harsh. For instance, there’s one instance here in Polk county where the motorcycle broke in half after smashing into the side of a school bus making a left turn. It’s dangerous and painful when motorcycle accidents occur, so be careful. Be sure to look over statistics on motorcycle safety, as well.

Visibility Before Motorcycle Accidents

When someone is in a car, there’s a large, flashy metal object between the driver and the road. Not only does that afford the driver more protection, it affords them more visibility. It’s hard to miss a large vehicle coming at you, but for motorcycles it’s a different issue. Instead of having a cabin where the driver sits, a motorcyclist has only themselves and their bike. Sure, the bikes are usually pretty, but the motorcycle itself is, by its smaller nature, a less visible device.

That means that when other drivers—perhaps drivers who don’t know motorcyclists or think of others that drive motorcycles—are on the road, they might not notice that there’s a motorcycle until it’s too late. Not seeing the smaller vehicle, they’ll pull out into a left turn—and in doing so, the motorcycle may end up slamming into the car that didn’t see them. In the aforementioned case where the motorcycle slammed into the car, the motorcyclist lost their life—a tragedy by any standards!

Improper Driving Habits And Motorcycle Accidents

The main issue with left turns and motorcycle accidents is that most drivers don’t practice great driving habits. Texting, checking their phones, eating, reading novels (we’ve seen it!), and myriad other distractions pull the drivers out of the driving zone. That means that they’re firmly back into the regular, non-motorized world for long enough to cause something like that to happen. One of these drivers might see another car or truck on the road whilst engaging in this type of behavior, but they’re less likely to see that beautiful motorcycle. That means that they could end up killing someone who didn’t ask for it.

Even if the car driver has perfect habits, they still might not see the motorcycle on the road. People’s habits and expectations color their vision, and this is something to keep in mind. If they’re not familiar with or know a motorcyclist, they’re less likely to expect them—and see them.

What You Can Do To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, you can keep your eyes on the road as you always do and drive cautiously. Be sure to check every intersection for oncoming traffic. Make sure they’re slowing down. Wear a helmet and safety gear. Make sure your brakes are properly maintained and functional. Most importantly, know your situation and know the other drivers. Your vigilance will help prevent some of these accidents.

Also, as an added precaution, you can wear some gear that makes you more visible. While big flashing lights in vibrant colors might not be your cup of tea, bright red reflectors and other large, reflective surfaces increases your visibility. Red is one of the colors we are most receptive to as red is the color of our own blood. That’s why stoplights are red, as well as stop signs.

And, as always, if you need any assistance after your left turn motorcycle accident, be sure to give us a ring here at Chopper Lawyer. We’re ready to help you with you case and get the compensation that you need if you’re injured in motorcycle accidents like this. We know it’s painful—let us help you!

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