What Types of Motorcycle Modifications Cause the Most Accidents?

A heavily modified motorcycle.Motorcycles are a tool that can be freeing and sometimes even enlightening. Riding one requires concentration and care. Every motorcycle is as unique as its owner, and personalization can become a fun aspect of owning a motorcycle. Stickers, paint jobs, and accessories can become a light-hearted project when maintaining your bike; but some modifications are not so light-hearted. Many modifications can become harmful to the quality of the ride, and can cause accidents. As the owner, it is your freedom to personalize your bike any way you wish, but it is also your responsibility to do so in a safe manner. Which modifications cause the most accidents, and why?

Motorcycle Modification

Modifications can become a memorable adjustment to any part of your motorcycle. However, some modifications can affect the safety of your riding experience. Modifications that improve how the bike works do not pose much threat to the overall safety. Such modifications include engine performance, comfort, handling, breaking, or cargo capacity. Even though every modification poses somewhat of a threat and is never completely safe, there is no need to lose sleep over a modification when it is implemented properly.

It is the handling that becomes a concern in regards to modifications. Any modification made changes the motorcycle’s handling, which then needs some time getting used to. A motorcycle should feel like an extension of its rider, and the rider needs to master how it handles no matter what. Some modifications are more for look than for function, and sometimes the first replaces the latter. It is never safe to trade safety for aesthetics.

Some modifications are made to fit the driver, such as when a motorcycle is lowered so the rider can have a safe stance during a stop. However, this same modification means that the cornering ground clearance has been compromised. The entire riding experience can change with a modification to the structure. The first step in motorcycle safety while on the road begins with the rider and their responsibility to work with their bike. Always understand the consequences of a modification, no matter what the change is. Understand what the modification can and cannot do, and do not try to push any limits.

Modified motorcycles are involved in crashes on the road. Modifications can turn a motorcycle into a semi-chopper, which makes the vehicle more likely to crash, and holds the two largest subcategories of bike: cruisers and sportbikes. Modified exhaust systems are also a factor in the majority of motorcycle accidents when modification is involved.

If you are thinking of modifying your bike, be safe about it. Know the rules and regulations of the road, and take into consideration what your bike can and cannot handle. Modifications made by the rider are vastly different than those made by a professional manufacturer. Do not compromise quality and safety. Avoid using modification fads just to make your bike look “cool.” A while back it was popular to remove the front brake of a motorcycle, which resulted in many crashes. Always take the safest measures when modifying your motorcycle.

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