3 Harsh Realities of Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accidentThere’s nothing quite like riding a motorcycle and it’s easy to understand the appeal of riding one. From the fuel economy to being out on the open road to the sheer thrill of the ride, motorcycles have remained popular for a reason. But there are some undeniable downfalls too. And unfortunately, these downfalls lead to costly motorcycle accidents, serious injury or even death. If you’re one of the many who ride a motorcycle daily or even on rare occasions, there are some important things you need to know about motorcycle accidents.

  1. Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injury or death.

With nothing between you and the open road, riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating. But this comes at a cost. Motorcyclists are open to the elements, not only to the actual weather, but to the pavement or another vehicle if involved in an accident. With nothing between you and the road, there’s little to protect you. The harsh reality is that motorcycle accidents can unfortunately lead to serious bodily injury including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or death. To best protect yourself, it’s advisable to wear a helmet and protective clothing such as leatherwear or Kevlar.

  1. Motorcycle accidents often occur because a driver didn’t see the motorcyclist.

Because motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, drivers often don’t see them. This is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has recognized this and created initiatives to help with this problem. For example, they’ve provided public awareness education for motorists to “look twice” for motorcyclists. Another initiate is called the “Ride Proud, Dress Loud” campaign. The idea is for motorcyclists to make themselves more visible to other drivers to help avoid accidents. The campaign website includes these Motorcyclist Apparel Safety Tips:

  • It is important for motorcyclists to wear clothing that is not only protective but visible during all hours of the day.
  • While inconspicuous black clothing may be in fashion, it offers little visibility on roadways. Other color categories which are difficult to detect include: gray, beige and other neutrals.
  • One of the easiest and most effective ways for a motorcyclist to be seen is by wearing brightly colored upper-torso clothing.
  • Reflective decals or materials can also be worn on clothing to increase a motorcyclist’s visibility.
  • In addition to clothing choices, motorcyclists can opt to make their bike more visible.
  • Motorcyclists can purchase a brightly-colored bike from the factory for higher visibility.
  • If one has an existing motorcycle with primarily dark colors, painting the bike a brighter color or adding eye-catching frontal bodywork is an option.
  • Motorcyclists can utilize unique lighting options on their motorcycle, such as high beams during the day.
  • Strategically placed magnetic reflector strips can be used on the motorcycle for easy detection in the dark.
  1. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by negligent drivers.

In addition to drivers not being able to see a motorcycle, sometimes accidents are caused because the driver didn’t even look! This plus other forms of driving negligence, such as texting while driving or driving under the influence, put you at increased risk for an accident. And while you have as much a right as other drivers to enjoy traveling in safety, the sad truth is that you are at the mercy of other drivers and how they behave behind the wheel.

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