Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your First Motorcycle

A rider on a motorcycle going very fast, rocks flying into the display.Firsts are memorable. Your first car, your first job, or your first anything can cement into your minds with fondness and a healthy amount of nostalgia. Your first motorcycle is no different. Wind the wind on your face and stretch of road ahead of you, your first step to taking control of that freedom is the purchase of your first motorcycle. But what is it that you need to know? It is not as simple as walking into just any store and buying the first motorcycle you see.

The Motorcycle and the Car

A motorcycle is much different than a car. While at first that may seem like an obvious statement, it is true. In a motorcycle, the rider must be attentive at all times, and does not have the same amount of distractions as a car. In a motorcycle, you can’t drink coffee or be on your phone. When mounting a motorcycle, you agree to face head on whatever obstacles and dangers await you. Riding a motorcycle is a feat that requires time and risk management. It is important to understand this before riding away on that steel horse into the sunset.


When buying your first motorcycle, it is important to weigh some considerations. Making these decisions now can impact your growth and overall motorcycle experience.

  • The Weight. Many new riders will not anticipate the weight of the bike itself, and will drop it. This is common among new riders; every great rider was once a novice at some point. Weight becomes less of an issue the more you are in motion. When looking at your potential first bike, ask how much it weighs.
  • The Trips. Will you be touring across the country or feeling the freedom of your county? Whether you are staying in town or exploring the purple mountains’ majesty, the style of bike can affect your comfort during various trips. A position with your wrists slanted downwards will lead to your wrists supporting more of your body weight. A more upright riding position provides the most comfort. Ask yourself what type of trips you want to take with this bike.
  • The Height. When you are stopped while on your bike, you will need to put both feet on the ground to safely keep your bike upright. Be sure to buy in accordance to your height. Some manufacturers offer low seat options for various bikes.
  • Used versus new. Your first motorcycle will be learning you while you are learning it. Throughout this relationship, your bike may get scratched, dented, or even knocked over. Buying a used motorcycle first is a great way to get used to the world of motorcycling, and leaves you more room for trial and error.
  • Security. Be sure you have a safe space for your motorcycle waiting to protect your bike. A recommended space is the garage. Be sure to make the correct safety measures when bringing your bike home.
  • Protection. When riding your bike, be sure to wear clothing that is both comfortable and that offers protection. Buy a helmet that is up to standard.
  • Ride before you buy. Before making that purchase, give that bike a test run. Does it feel like it could become an extension of yourself? Is it comfortable? Only you are the judge.

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Your first motorcycle is a memory you will carry with you forever. With correct maintenance and repairs, attention to the laws of the road, and an adherence to safety, the relationship between you and your motorcycle can be long term. Be sure to take precautions while riding your motorcycle, and if you are riding in a car, remember to be on the lookout for motorcycles. If you or your loved one have become injured in a car accident while on a motorcycle, our experienced personal injury attorneys are here to represent you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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