5 Must-Haves for a Long Distance Motorcycle Trip

Long stretch of highwayYour motorcycle can feel like an extension of yourself for many reasons: the wind on your face, the endless stretch of road as far as the eyes can see, the sense of flight, or even the perfect angle of sunlight. The reasons could be all your own, and with the arrival of the summer season, you and your motorcycle are itching to get back on that road again. Perhaps you are planning a long distance ride. You have the itinerary, you have your bike, and most importantly, you have yourself. But what else should you take on a long distance trip?


This may not be a concrete thing to fit in your saddlebag, but the preparation of your bike is just as important as your toothbrush. Your motorcycle is your steel horse, and horses need to be healthy before they can be ridden. The following elements need to be checked and as good as new before a long distance ride:

  • Oil and filter
  • Air and fuel filters
  • Fluid levels
  • Throttle and brake cables
  • Adjust and lube drive chain
  • Tire pressure and tread
  • Gauges, lights, horns, and signals
  • Visual check

Do not add any complicated accessories or make any drastic changes right before a long trip; give your bike time (between two to three weeks) to adjust to any new changes. By the time of your trip, your bike will be comfortable with itself and ready to take you anywhere.

1.) Money

Make sure you leave for your trip with enough money for the two most important details: food for yourself and food for your motorcycle. Having enough money for three meals a day plus gas can become expensive, but worth it. Be prepared to carry extra spending money on your person for any other items.

2.) Medicine and Vitamins

It is always a good idea to take a one-a-day vitamin to stay healthy. Pack some medicine in case you begin to feel unwell. Aspirin is always a good idea to take along as well, but keep in mind that some side effects of aspirin include a lower body temperature and acting as an anti-coagulant.

3.) Motorcycle Luggage Racks and Saddlebags

Backpacks, while they may seem to be a good idea, will get in the way during a long ride. They will kill your posture and hurt your back, and the wind will catch them and cause distracting sounds. If you do not want your shoulders to get pinched as you are riding, invest in a motorcycle luggage rack. It is a great way to carry your luggage, cooler, or any other group of items! For the smaller articles, a saddlebag is a great way to keep things close to you and organized.4.) Toiletries

4.) Toiletries

Always bring the toiletries you usually use on a daily basis, or items that you think you may need. This includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, and deodorant. Chapstick is always a good article to bring along, and artificial tears can save the lubrication of your eyes.

5.) Water

It is always a good idea to hydrate. Pack your saddlebags or luggage with some water for the road to avoid dehydration in an unfamiliar area. Be sure to replenish the water during rest stops. Being hydrated gives you one less thing to be worried about while you are on the road.

Always Prioritize Safety

If you feel like you need to shut your eyes for a second, pull off the road, find a campground, and get lots of shut-eye. Make sure your gear and bike are always up to standard and check the variety of road changes as you cross county and state lines. Always remember that if you run into some trouble on the road and are a part of an accident, at Chopper Lawyer we are here to assist you with the law; contact us today.

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