Involved in a Motorcycle Accident with a Passenger?

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No accident is a safe experience. Unfortunately, it is an inevitable event of which one can only be prepared for with specific cautionary tips and practices. A motorcycle accident is an unfortunate event that has the possibility to turn into tragedy. When involved in a motorcycle accident, the first question that is usually asked is […]

5 Defensive Driving Strategies to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle is an expression of freedom. But while it is a freedom, at the same time it is a responsibility. You owe yourself, your neighbors on the road, and your bike the responsibility while driving on the road. While responsibility includes keeping yourself safe and your bike maintained, defensive driving strategies begin with […]

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your First Motorcycle

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Firsts are memorable. Your first car, your first job, or your first anything can cement into your minds with fondness and a healthy amount of nostalgia. Your first motorcycle is no different. Wind the wind on your face and stretch of road ahead of you, your first step to taking control of that freedom is […]

Important Aspects of Motorcycle Maintenance

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Motorcycles need to be checked over and taken care of on a regular basis. It is your transportation, your freedom, and some would even describe it as an extension. Every part of your motorcycle should be regularly cleaned and maintained. Your motorcycle is the line between the wind in your hair and a hospital visit […]

5 Must-Haves for a Long Distance Motorcycle Trip

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Your motorcycle can feel like an extension of yourself for many reasons: the wind on your face, the endless stretch of road as far as the eyes can see, the sense of flight, or even the perfect angle of sunlight. The reasons could be all your own, and with the arrival of the summer season, […]

Motorcycle Safety Recalls

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No matter how safe you try to be, riding a motorcycle is considered a “high risk activity.” In a recent study, motorcycle rider deaths were nearly 30 times greater than drivers of other vehicles. Because of the major liability associated with motorcycle riding, sometimes these types of cases are more difficult to represent. What makes […]

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required By Florida Law And Should Your Carry It?

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Statistics show that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. So dangerous, that it’s the number one cause of fatalities on the road in the U.S. When you ride a motorcycle, the odds truly are against you. Motorcycle insurance makes sure that you’re covered against the very real possibility of accidents that can happen while operating your […]

How To Check For Defective Motorcycle Parts

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How to Check For Defective Motorcycle Parts Whether your bike is just making some ugly sounds while you ride, or you’re certain that it’s acting in less than its regular prime condition, it doesn’t take a mechanical engineer to tell you that you should probably pull over and check for defects. Now, in these circumstances, […]